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Measuring the Value


The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework is the most widely used, standardized Sustainability Reporting Framework in the world.  Arcadis has applied the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines for the reporting of its Sustainability information in the 2015 Annual Report.

This overview is in accordance 'Core' with the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Levels of materiality have been considered in selecting the indicators relevant for Arcadis. For detailed overviews of our most recent GRI submissions, please see below.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

We submit data to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) receiving an independent review of our business across a broad range of areas identified as important to sustainability. In 2015 we recorded a 27% improvement on prior year reflecting our continual improvement ethos.

Financial Capital

We are listed on the Dutch stock exchange and use shareholder funds to create sustainable value. Our financial results are published annually and are available on the Investor relations section of this website, along with our quarterly progress reports.

Natural Capital

Through our work with the Natural Capital Coalition we are contributing to the Natural Capital Protocol Project. This responds to the challenges companies face in measuring and valuing their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. We have leading expertise in this space and are helping pioneer solutions to these challenges.

The overall vision of the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) is to transform the way business operates through understanding and incorporating their impacts and dependencies on natural capital. The NCP will:

  • Provide clear guidance on qualitative, quantitative and monetary valuation of natural capital impacts and dependencies and when to apply which level of assessment;
  • Be framed for use in different business applications;
  • Provide guidance on the applicability of the Protocol at different organizational levels (corporate, project, products, site) through the value chain;
  • Be applicable to all business sectors across all geographies.
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