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Environmental Sustainability 
As a core value and a strategic driver for our business, we aim to apply the principles of sustainable development across our own operations and in the solutions we provide to our clients. In doing so, it acknowledges the challenge of meeting human needs, while protecting the environment and natural resources for future generations. These efforts are supported by a global team led by the Global Director of Sustainability and CSR.

Global Sustainability Program
In 2014, we continued to implement our Global Sustainability Program, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our own operations through global policies in the following focus areas: 

  • Transportation, ground and air 
  • Energy and water usage in our offices 
  • Paper usage and type
  • Waste reduction and disposal or recycling 
  • Selection of purchased materials and products 
Minimizing our own carbon footprint
Carbon Footprint Methodology 
Since 2010, we have followed a standardized approach in reporting data consistent with the World Resources Institute General Reporting Protocol (GRP). In doing so, our carbon footprint reflects the way we do business rather than a change in methodology or business acquisition. The result helps track our reduction efforts more closely, allowing us to identify key areas to improve, bringing value to our stakeholders. We continue to sharpen our approach to further understand the full impact of our operations on direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and the environment as a whole.
Carbon footprint analysis
While rapidly expanding our business through acquisitions and going through vast changes in our geographical footprint, we have been able to reduce our overall footprint on an FTE basis. More offices have been combined and moved to locations closer to public transportation, while at the same time we are looking to reduce the carbon footprint per employee by making more efficient use of office space. This program will continue in 2015 as part of our performance excellence program. Travel is limited to the extent needed and replaced by conference calls, video calls and other tools to maintain efficient working relationships without the need for contact in person. Where possible, we strive to use LEED certified office spaces. 

Objectives for future years
We are committed to making progress annually, through the continuous improvement of our program elements and by the refinement of our policies, procedures and guidelines which affect our carbon footprint. 

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