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Expansion plans put the focus on water resilience

As GM planned to expand its manufacturing facility in Silao, Guanajato, Mexico, water levels in area wells were on the decline. Leaders recognized what increased operations could mean for long-term sustainability in the water-stressed region. Bringing new jobs to the area and protecting the environment meant innovating the facility’s relationship with the local water supply.

Evaluating, designing and building a wastewater recycle system

To create sustainable growth, a comprehensive recycle and reuse system – one similar to the company’s San Luis Potos facility, its first zero liquid discharge plant – was needed. And while that facility provided a model for successful reuse, it would not be as simple as recreating the network in Silao. The complex had its own unique water needs to consider.

Arcadians helped GM chart the ideal path, leading the feasibility evaluation, design and construction on a new wastewater recycle system. The team guided implementation of the technology and strategy needed to treat wastewater for reuse in manufacturing processes.

Increased operations, reduced environmental footprint

Now, the expanded complex is producing more while consuming less. Eighty-five percent of wastewater is recycled and reused in manufacturing processes, saving 900,000 liters of water each day. The advancements cut the daily groundwater extraction rate in half, preserving much-needed water for the community while creating cost savings from reduced electricity and chemical use.

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