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2 years

Site restoration timeframe within client’s needs


Contaminants concentration reduction


Contaminants mass destroyed in-situ through natural processes, mainly hydrolysis and biodegradation

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The challenge

In a scenario of soil use and occupation change in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, with the urge of the development of new residential and commercial areas, effective and coordinated site restoration solutions for former industrial areas become primordial.

The solution

The client was frustrated after attempting to restore the properties for 10 years without success. Therefore, the client selected Arcadis to restore the properties in a 2-year timeframe. Arcadis designed and implemented an integrated remedial approach using a technology that have never been applied in the country. To meet client’s expectations and overcome the challenges, the local team worked in active collaboration with specialists from Arcadis US, Global Account Leader based in Europe, local infrastructure team, H&S and digital team, local and external suppliers, public utility companies, city hall and environmental agency. With this team spirit it was possible to promote high performance and deliver the expected outcomes to the customer. As a result, the properties were restored within 2 years of active remediation.

The impact

The project met the expectation regarding timeframe and regulators acceptance, keeping the budget lower than planned. By the adequate approach and management, the former industrial area was restored, returning to the community areas available for commercial and residential usage and improving the quality of local and regional water resources.

Used capabilities

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