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The Challenge

Creating a contact point with a brand of Porsche's caliber requires an extremely detailed study. The site identified for the construction of an Experience Center, in line with the high standards of the German brand, was a former racetrack that had to be completely redeveloped to offer fans a high-end experience.


    Located in the territory of Franciacorta, near the town of Castrezzato (Province of Brescia), the site is a former aggregate quarry, a depression in the ground that reduces the action of the wind and limits noise emissions. It also boasts an exceptional location in terms of accessibility. The site is located just a few kilometers from the exits of the A35 and A4 highways, which provide quick access to Milan, Bergamo and Brescia. However, this proximity does not create busy crossroads and allows traffic to flow.

    All these aspects mean the location has great potential while still respecting surrounding communities.

The Solution

Arcadis Italia was chosen as the site and project manager to redevelop the site where the largest Porsche Experience Center in the world now stands. The new site consists of two parts — the Customer Center and the Paddock — which offer visitors integrated experiences. Greenery surrounds the buildings and structures dedicated to racing, revitalizing the soil and mitigating the heat on summer days.


    All the work was carried out with sustainability in mind. One example of this is the reuse of a spectacular element from the previous building: large laminated wood arches. This reduced demolition and construction costs, as well as the use of other raw materials and CO₂ emissions. The large windows and transparent coverings, which account for 40% of the building's surface area, were designed to reduce the use of artificial lighting and offer a spectacular view over the entire site. Completing the range of sustainable solutions are the photovoltaic system capable of collecting enough energy for the entire facility and charging stations with both fast and standard power delivery.

    To ensure the project was respectful to both the environment and the local area, the choice of materials and their disposal was a key concern throughout the whole process. 80% of the materials used came from neighboring sites, mainly from the Province of Brescia, while 5,360 tons of demolition debris, 5 tons of wood and 100 tons of plastic and mixed packaging were sent for recycling.

The Impact

Inaugurated on September 11, 2021, the Porsche Experience Center will welcome up to 20,000 people a year: fans of racing and the Porsche brand, but also other visitors. Recreational and training events held at the iconic Customer Center will comply with the ISO 20121 standard — a sustainability certification obtained with the support of Arcadis Italia. Not only does the center have an elegant design, but it also serves as an example for the wider automotive sector in terms of its social and environmental considerations.

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