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The challenge

There has been a sewage treatment plant at Wassmannsdorf for around 130 years. The plant at Schönefeld in Brandenburg keeps clean water flowing for the citizens of Berlin and the surrounding areas while also helping to protect the environment. By 2024, the capacity of the plant will be expanded to 2.1 million citizens. Alongside additional purification stages, the plant will gain a new mixed water tank with a capacity of 50,000 m³. A powerful water treatment solution for decades to come!

The solution

The Wassmannsdorf project is currently the largest and most comprehensive ongoing project in the portfolio of the Berlin water authority: The operator is investing around 275 million euros in future-proofing the sewage treatment plant. The commissioning process will take place in stages between 2019 and 2024.

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    Introducing flocculation filtration

    To handle a larger flow of incoming waste water, the first phase of the expansion work focused on adding two lines to the biological purification stages. A new process water treatment plant and mixed water tank are also in the pipeline. The plant will switch to a new sludge treatment technology, which will also require the construction of an extension and new machinery. Flocculation filtration—which takes place after biological purification—will be added as a fourth stage of purification, removing phosphorus from all water entering the sewage treatment plant. The site will also gain new plants for treating process water and treated sludge recycling.

    Construction monitoring team

    The project committee ATS GÜ was instructed to monitor the progress of the entire project. The committee will manage the construction process and supervise all work at the site, including arranging all documentation and organizing a certified trial operation. The construction monitoring team is comprised of up to 20 experts from partner engineering firms Arcadis, TUTTAHS & MEYER, government contractor SCHLEGEL, Holinger Ingenieure and john becker ingenieure.

    Project committee HyTS was tasked with all planning aspects, from determining the layout and preliminary planning to awarding the construction contracts. HyTS, comprised of engineering firms Arcadis, TUTTAHS & MEYER and government contractor Schlegel, will be supported in this work by Holinger Ingenieure and john becker ingenieure.

The impact

High-level water treatment: Wassmannsdorf sewage treatment plant is to be expanded in two phases by 2024. The expansion will enable the plant to handle water treatment for up to 2.1 million citizens based on the latest technology and biological developments, creating the ideal conditions to secure a long-term, high-output water supply for the residents of Berlin and the surrounding areas — with environmental protection in mind at all times.

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