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The challenge

Regensburg and Leipzig are key locations in BMW's value creation chain. The company is an important employer and driver of growth in Bavaria and Saxony. In 2011, BMW commenced work on the expansion of its plants at Regensburg and Leipzig, with the aim of further improving the performance of the BMW Group and working its way up to pole position in the industry. The new plant needed to be seamlessly slotted into the existing production line and linked up with production still ongoing — taking all of the car manufacturer's international processes into account.

The solution

Rapid expansion and resource conservation: These were the main concepts that Arcadis experts pursued to make the BMW sites at Leipzig and Regensburg even more innovative and efficient. One of the core questions they had to consider was this: How can the new capacity be integrated into the closely interlinked production steps in the most effective way?

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    The new pressing plant and body shop in Regensburg required a large amount of space. To free up room, a storage location for empty packaging, a road and the BMW kindergarten all had to be dismantled and reconstructed in new, logistically appropriate locations. While all this was going on, production and traffic on the site had to flow seamlessly as normal.

    A global partner with local presence

    Arcadis supported BMW with project management and contract management services. For the car manufacturer, the company offered the perfect blend of expertise, a global network and experience, a local presence and a fixed key account manager.

    As a sparring partner for the projects in Leipzig and Regensburg, Arcadis provided a wide range of services between 2011 and 2015, including: documentation and communication; planning and construction quality management; contract management (planner contracts, construction tenders); interface coordination with production; opportunity and risk management; deadline and cost control; integration of foreign projects into the overall reporting for a production line.

The impact

With the expanded Leipzig and Regensburg sites, BMW was able to strengthen its position in the sector, paving the way for its race to pole position. New jobs have been created in a high-tech environment for people in the region, further enhancing the appeal of Saxony and Bavaria as places to live and work. Since the completion of the project in 2015, Arcadis has been supporting other parts of the BMW Group — working with the company to create a strong, innovative and flexible mobility industry in Germany and across the world.

Applied capabilities

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