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12,500 tons

annual production of green hydrogen

100 megawatts

production capacity


expected completion date

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The challenge

Europe is strongly committed to green hydrogen as a key molecule in the energy transition. In 2020, the EU announced its ambition to provide 6 gigawatts of production capacity by 2024, and 40 gigawatts by 2030. Green hydrogen is obtained through electrolysis using only renewable electricity. Unlike the production of grey hydrogen, this process does not emit CO2.

The American company Plug Power, to be called Plug, has long aimed to play a leading role in the use of hydrogen as a green fuel. Therefore, the energy company is investing in the construction of a large production facility in the port of Antwerp. To this end, a concession agreement for thirty years was signed with Port of Antwerp-Bruges. The factory will be built in the NextGen District, the former Opel site transformed into a European hotspot for sustainable business activities. The installation that Plug will build is very innovative and therefore poses a challenge in terms of permits.

The solution

Arcadis is guiding the American company in obtaining its licenses for the construction and operation of the factory. We already have a lot of expertise and references in complex permit applications and permit procedures. Arcadis' full-service package includes stakeholder management, energy studies, and support for the permit application.

The impact

The future green hydrogen production plant in the NextGen District is expected to produce 35 tons of green hydrogen daily for the European market from 2027. This corresponds to a production of 12,500 tons per year.

The end product can then be transported to industrial players to green their processes. On the other hand, green hydrogen can also be used as a clean fuel for heavy transport vehicles such as trucks. All these initiatives will contribute to the energy transition.

Used capabilities

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