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The challenge

Belgian property developer Immobel is known for its sustainable real estate projects in Belgium and Europe. Biodiversity is high on their agenda, both in rural and built-up areas. By focusing on green spaces and nature-based solutions, they aim to create value for the property developer and end user. Immobel calls on Arcadis In order to concretely assess its efforts and improve them where necessary.

The solution

An initial pilot project was launched for the Crahiat project in Ciney, where we calculated the biodiversity gain for this planned new development over 11.5 hectares and made practical recommendations to further increase this score. To do so, we used the Arcadis Biodiversity Net Gain Calculator, a tool developed by Arcadis.

Using this tool, we quantified the site's biodiversity based on mean species abundance, which resulted in a baseline measurement consisting of tangible data that allows us to monitor the current and also the potential biodiversity value of this property development. In addition, we can use this biodiversity tool to compare various development scenarios and determine whether certain measures have an impact on the end result. In this way, Immobel can take additional measures, where necessary.

The Ciney-based project was completed successfully and further collaborations are in the pipeline.

The impact

By working with Immobel and gauging the impact of their efforts, they can concretely demonstrate their biodiversity gains, which creates value for both developers (buyers are prepared to pay more for living in green spaces) and end users. The latter can enjoy the benefits of nature and greater biodiversity in their living environment.

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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