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MAY 17, 2023 | Press Release

Honeywell and Arcadis join forces to help commercial building owners accelerate their efforts to reduce energy and carbon impact

  • The collaboration will deliver end-to-end solutions that help building owners cut energy use and carbon emissions as they optimize building performance
  • Initial focus will be on five international projects, with the first launching in May
  • Complementary solutions will help building owners comply with local regulations and document and report progress to internal and external stakeholders

May 17, 2023 – Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) and Arcadis (EURONEXT: ARCAD) have today announced a collaboration to provide tools and services that help optimize energy use and carbon emissions in commercial buildings worldwide. With an initial focus on five projects in various locations worldwide, the companies will jointly offer a range of end-to-end solutions to help clients and customers expedite progress toward their carbon-reduction goals.

For Arcadis and Honeywell, this relationship strengthens the efforts that both organizations are making to help clients that are committed to improving outcomes related to ESG. The relationship is not exclusive, and both companies expect to add additional collaborations to enhance their offerings in this space.

Data from the World Economic Forum suggests that approximately 80% of today’s buildings will still be standing in 2050[i] – which means the challenge of controlling escalating energy use, particularly in older buildings, to meet carbon-reduction targets will increase over the coming decades. Many building owners and operators lack the expertise and technology to monitor and optimize energy performance, making it harder for them to initiate change in their organizations. Honeywell and Arcadis offer unique but complementary services to address these shortfalls and will work with clients and customers to map a path toward lower carbon emissions, while also improving resilience.

For building owners who have already set goals and made pledges to reduce carbon footprint across their portfolio, the collaboration will deploy a software suite that applies milestones to document progress with tailored insights and data-led reports that showcase these efforts to internal and external stakeholders. Honeywell and Arcadis will also formulate strategic goals for organizations that do not have access to asset- or device-level energy performance data.

Arcadis brings a deep background in evaluating business impacts across programs and portfolios. It assesses ESG risks for companies by developing current-state assessments that analyze technical and financial scenarios to measure impacts across energy and climate, materials and waste, and buildings and infrastructure. Arcadis also helps building owners include other ESG goals in the design of their real estate assets, such as climate adaptation, biodiversity, and inclusivity.

“The strength of Arcadis is our ability to help clients identify where change can have the most impact in their organization when it comes to their energy use and carbon footprint,” said Alan Brookes, chief executive officer, Arcadis. “By working with Honeywell, we can take that insight and provide an end-to-end service from planning to execution and ongoing maintenance to allow clients to reduce the energy use within their building portfolios and demonstrate the value of their investment to key stakeholders.”

Honeywell brings decades of experience in developing smart-building technologies that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-enabled software to enhance control systems with sensor-driven analytics, occupancy tracking and predictive maintenance. The company also offers service solutions that help building owners fund improvements as operating expenses instead of capital investments.

“By combining our ready-now advanced building controls software with Arcadis’ expertise in sustainability assessments and roadmapping, we can develop plans for customers that meet both their short-term need to manage energy use and their long-term aspiration to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Billal Hammoud, president and chief executive officer, Honeywell Building Technologies. “By drawing on our respective strengths, we can deliver more efficient and effective sustainability solutions for buildings.”

Documenting and reporting sustainability efforts will only increase in importance as more and more regulatory actions are enacted. The European Commission’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), for example, requires all large and listed companies to disclose information on risks and opportunities related to ESG issues and their impact on the environment.[ii] Through collaborations such as this one, Arcadis and Honeywell are creating an ecosystem of third-party solutions and complementary services to help clients and customers worldwide reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

[i] World Economic Forum, To create net-zero cities, we need to look hard at our older buildings, Guy Grainger, November 8, 2022. [Accessed April 17, 2023]

[ii] European Parliament, Sustainable economy: Parliament adopts new reporting rules for multinationals, November 10, 2022. [Accessed April 17, 2023]

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