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Innovation & sustainability in real estate: customer-centric approach

Nov 30, 2023

Jesús Gallego

Consultant Arcadis

The user experience is at the core of every marketing strategy in the real estate sector, from residential to logistics, including the diverse options in the hotel industry. From a business perspective, companies are adopting customer-centric strategies where the customer becomes the focal point of all business decisions. Arcadis, as a global company committed to this approach, actively participated in one of Spain's leading real estate events, "The District," which took place last September in Barcelona (the event may also include art exhibitions in the coming years, attracting renowned urban artists alongside real estate professionals). During this event, Arcadis highlighted its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, specifically in the real estate sector. By creating dynamic communities and implementing sustainable projects, Arcadis drives authentic growth in the real estate industry.


Innovation through the customer-centric approach

A customer-centric strategy allows companies to understand their customers, both current and potential, in every aspect and make customer-centricity the focal point of their decision-making process. Over the past few years, companies have been gradually adopting this customer-centric business model, integrating it into their corporate culture and applying it to all areas of their operations. Thanks to this customer-centric approach, companies can understand the specific situations, expectations, and perceptions of each customer, gaining insights into the user experiences when they engage with a service or purchase a product. As a customer-centric company, Arcadis aims to reinforce the existing values within the organization, always striving to meet specific needs and building long-term relationships that benefit both the organization and our clients' interests.

Transforming the real estate sector: innovation and sustainability

The real estate industry has historically undergone changes from a customer perspective at a slower pace compared to other industries such as banking or automotive. These industries have witnessed more significant changes with new technologies, such as digital banking and mobile financial transactions or the automotive industry's e-commerce and vehicle customization options through digital platforms. However, the real estate industry has experienced a slower but significant transformation through the use of technologies that improve or reinvent services within the sector. Techniques like machine learning, big data, geolocation, and various forms of automation in the real estate industry have eliminated intermediaries and streamlined industry processes. Additionally, investments in Proptech companies have improved efficiencies and accelerated the speed sought by users and clients in real estate transactions.

Technological advancements have also brought a substantial change to how we perceive the real estate industry. The significant progress in 3D modeling and graphic design technology allows for more accurate representation of physical spaces in a digital dimension. The real estate sector operates in an increasingly challenging business environment, necessitating new digital systems and tools to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

While the real estate market faces rising costs due to increased raw material prices and supply chain challenges, Spain's GDP grew by 5.5% in 2022. It is projected to grow by 1.3% in 2023 and 2.7% in 2024. Despite the high inflation of key construction materials, the Spanish construction market grew by 3.8% in 2022. Furthermore, the Spanish government has allocated approximately €17 billion for investments in housing, transportation, and water projects in 2023.

In this ever-evolving business context, real estate companies have an opportunity to offer personalized services and exceptional experiences to their clients through technological implementation. By leveraging the advantages of digital transformation, real estate companies can strategically position themselves to meet changing market demands and improve profitability.

Driving real growth in the real estate sector

Innovation is crucial in the real estate sector to promote genuine and sustainable growth in the industry. It is essential to focus on the customer as the primary driver, creating communities and constructions that meet their needs. This includes incorporating welcoming social spaces and community-oriented amenities, fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

Companies like Arcadis have a responsibility to actively engage in understanding the needs and preferences of users. This ongoing interaction between the company and its customers promotes innovation, ensuring that projects adapt to citizens' new lifestyles. By thoroughly understanding customer expectations, synergies are generated that drive continuous improvement and project adaptation.

Furthermore, in response to the growing importance of sustainable solutions, Arcadis is committed to making sustainability and environmentally friendly features a distinctive part of its real estate projects. This involves incorporating efficient and practical technologies and practices that meet the growing demand for sustainable options in the market.

Innovation, customer-centric personalization, and sustainability are fundamental pillars in the real estate sector. At Arcadis, we embrace the challenge of understanding and meeting customer needs, promoting sustainable communities and projects that adapt to new lifestyles, and contributing to genuine and sustainable growth in the industry.

The real estate sector is undergoing a transformation driven by innovation, customer-centric focus, and sustainability. At Arcadis, we are leading this change by continuously seeking innovative solutions that meet our clients' specific needs, promoting sustainable communities. Through our participation in events like "The District" and our commitment to quality and efficiency, Arcadis continues to drive real and sustainable growth in the real estate sector, providing exceptional experiences to clients and contributing to a better future for the industry.