• Press Release
  • June 5, 2018
  • Amsterdam

Arcadis contributes to materials passport Madaster: eliminating waste

Amsterdam - Arcadis, the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets, and Madaster, an independent public platform which documents material passports with the larger goal of eliminating waste globally, signed a cooperation agreement on Tuesday with the goal of eliminating waste in the building and construction sector. The signing took place today on the first day of the Provada real estate trade fair in Amsterdam.

The circular economy is upon us and with that, information about materials suitable for re-use is becoming more important. Madaster is an online library, similar to the Land Registry (Kadaster), where information is stored about the quality and the source of materials in existing buildings in the form of a passport. Anyone can have a materials passport made of their building(s) and submit this to Madaster. This makes it easier to access information on materials suitable and available for re-use when renovating or reclaiming materials. Madaster can be used by private citizens, companies and governments and is supervised by the Madaster Foundation. The organization promotes the re-use of existing materials and invests in smart designs to support the re-use of materials and eliminate waste. It is a good tool to add to our BIM-approach. 

"Sustainability is important within Arcadis because we also want to keep the world liveable for future generations," says Niels van Geenhuizen, responsible for sustainability within Arcadis. "We look for the most sustainable solutions for our customers. The re-use and reflection on future material-use is part of this. That is why we are enthusiastic about our cooperation with Madaster. It is a next step in striving to make the sector more sustainable.'"