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Despite covering less than 2% of the earth’s surface, cities significantly contribute to climate change, consuming a staggering 78% of the world's energy and generating over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, an additional 2.5 billion people will call urban areas their home, further exacerbating the challenge. Cities require rapid and far-reaching transitions in uses of energy, land, urban, and infrastructure, including transport and buildings.

Arcadis supports urban and regional clients in their shift towards local, low-carbon, and renewable energy sources, as well as sustainable mobility solutions. Our expertise encompasses energy demand reduction, storage, distribution, planning electric vehicle infrastructure, and advising on the transition to sustainable energy solutions like electricity, heating, and cooling.

Through our comprehensive understanding of urban energy systems, we take an integrated approach, developing spatial energy strategies, smart networks, and efficient planning and design to optimize energy efficiency. By incorporating electric vehicles and promoting alternative fuels, we help organizations reduce emissions, improve air quality, and create environmentally friendly and livable cities.

Aerial view of solar panels during sunset

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Our commitment extends beyond strategy, as we work with cities to help them make strategic choices that secure a sustainable future for their environment and society.

  • Urban and regional energy (master) planning
  • EV charging networks
  • District heating and cooling networks
  • Communication and engagement tools with residents
  • Technical advisory
  • Smart grid/microgrid development
  • Project, program and process management
  • Stakeholder management
Hendrik-Jan Steeman

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Talk to an expert

Hendrik-Jan Steeman

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Team Leader Green Buildings & Co-lead Energy Transition

Robbe Claessens

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Urban Energy Solution Co-Lead

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Whether it's decarbonizing power generation, optimizing energy efficiency in buildings, or supporting your grid modernization goals while ensuring stability, we have the expertise to guide you on the path to sustainability.

Learn more about Energy Transition

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