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  • December 20, 2018

Reciclo Orgánicos Program Announces Support for the Municipality of Talcahuano in Chile

Talcahuano, Concepción, Chile — Dec. 20, 2018 — The Chilean Ministry of the Environment, the Canadian Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and Arcadis are pleased to announce the commitment made to support the municipality of Talcahuano to combat climate change impacts related to emissions of greenhouse gases in the waste management sector through the optimization of its municipal waste management processes.

The Canada-Chile Program called Reciclo Orgánicos has identified opportunities in Talcahuano to reduce GHG emissions through the separated treatment of organic matter through composting which result in the transformation of organic waste into natural fertilizer.

This initiative is part of the Government of Canada’s $2.65 billion climate finance commitment under the Paris Agreement to help developing countries tackle the challenges of climate change and transition to low carbon and resilient economies and falls under the Canada-Chile agreement on environmental cooperation.

This support from Reciclo Organicos includes the provision of technologies for the separated collection of organics and capacity building and technical support to maximize the operations of the Carelmapu composting facility. With this support, it is expected to increase the capacity of the plant in the medium term from 8 to 180 tons per month of organic waste. This diversion of organics will mean a reduction in emissions of 113 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to driving 443,000 km, or doing 881 trips by car from Santiago to Talcahuano.

The event was well attended by officials from all levels of government and stakeholders including, Franck Portalupi from Canadian Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change; Robert Contreras, Governor of the Province of Concepción; Henry Campos, Major of the Municipality of Talcahuano; Michael Sills, from Arcadis and Mark Richardson, Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Canada.

“We are happy that our municipality is part of the Reciclo Orgánicos Program and that our neighbours can contribute directly to fight climate change through municipal composting. The expansion of the facility will allows us to receive more tan 100 tonnes of organic Waste per month and we expect to continue to increase the collection and treatment capacity in the coming years”, commented Henry Campos, the Major of Talcahuano.

“The contribution of the Program is materialized by the acquisition of a collector truck, exclusive for collecting organic waste, and a chipper for the composting facility. In addition, Reciclo Orgánicos will provide technical support for the operation of the facility, and seminars to large generators, focussed on the importance of source separation of organic waste”, said Gerardo Canales, Coordinator of Reciclo Orgánicos.

From Canada, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, expressed that “Climate Change is a global challenge and requires global solutions, therefore we are working to help communities across Chile, such as Talcahuano, to reduce emissions and to have a cleaner air to breathe. Another example of the commitment of Canada is the donation of more tan 2 billion in climate finance. By working together today, we make sure to pass to our children and grandchildren a healthy planet".

For her part, the Minister of Environment, Carolina Schmidt, commented, “The plant will allow recycling about 10% of organic waste generated in the commune of Talcahuano, becoming a reference in this area. This is a very important milestone in the management of organic waste, and we hope that many more municipalities will join this initiative and together we will continue to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions."

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