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The challenge

The effects of climate change are evident across the Netherlands, including on business parks. But many stakeholders are not aware of how to make existing and new sites climate-adaptive and biodiverse. At the same time, there are many sites that are in need of revitalization and improvement. Tackling these challenges can be combined with the introduction of climate-resilient solutions, but a lack of knowledge and fragmented interests often prevent a vigorous approach.


The solution

To prepare business parks for climate change, the 'Samen Klimaatbestendig' network and 'Stichting Kennisalliantie voor Bedrijventerreinen en Werklocaties' (SKBN) association are building a network of stakeholders. Members of these organizations share their experiences and knowledge of green and climate-resilient solutions. Examples include creating shade to reduce temperature, or collecting rainwater, so that production can continue in the case of heat or heavy precipitation. The costs of these adjustments are offset by a lower energy bill and a reduced risk of damage.



    Arcadis is providing an experienced and expert quartermaster for the working group. The quartermaster is building a knowledge base with techniques, regulations, policies, financing models, communication strategies and case studies. The quartermaster is also establishing a valuable network to bring together the tasks, solutions, interests, parties and, above all, the people involved. By involving the stakeholders in the process at an early stage, we can create the widest possible support base for implementing the necessary changes as effectively and as quickly as possible.

The impact

The efforts of the working group will accelerate the green development of business parks. Smart design makes the site attractive for customers and employees, and provides a great habitat for plants and animals. In addition, damage from inflowing rainwater, closed roads and overheated parking lots and machines will become things of the past. Companies and visitors alike benefit from sustainable and thoughtfully constructed, green business parks.


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