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Arcadis Enterprise Asset Management Core is a solution built to support asset-intensive organizations manage, maintain, and optimize both their assets and operations. With Arcadis the EAM Core, we provide a full, 360-degree view of the condition of your assets, get real-time updates on your maintenance, and compile reports, all in one place.  

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Key Features

Use the EAM Core to get full visibility of your assets so you can make business decisions with confidence.

Real-time asset monitoring

Manage your assets 24/7 and asses their condition remotely through our embedded IoT features. With the EAM Core, you will move from reaction maintenance to proactive planning, reducing overall costs.

Minimize operational disruption

Optimize your day-to-day routines by minimizing, even eliminating, disruptions like disparate data, siloed working, unsupported decision-making, and more.

Cross-team collaboration

Work on multiple projects with colleagues and receive updates when changes or comments have been made. Say goodbye to disparate data sets and siloed projects.



Boost resilience

By implementing EAM Core you can gain more control over your operations and increase performance across all asset lifecycle phases.


Automate tasks

Complete tasks such as manual data updates, inputs, and reports in a much simpler and faster way with prompts and reminders.


Improve asset reliability

Arcadis EAM Core offers real-time asset monitoring, allowing you to move from reactive maintenance to proactive planning, reduce maintenance, resource and materials costs.


Reduce costs

Achieve full visibility of your assets, their condition, and how they’re impacting performance. This will enable you to make smarter business decisions and reduce expenses in the long run.

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