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With customizable deployment options, high performance, and scalability, OpenTripPlanner serves as a versatile solution for transit agencies, governments, and private entities seeking efficient and tailored trip planning services. OpenTripPlanner is an open-source software application designed to calculate and deliver multimodal trip plans based on various standardized transit data sources. Arcadis offers end to end OTP implementation services, including agency branded web and mobile applications for passengers to plan their journeys, solution hosting, API data exchanges, and ongoing support and enhancements.

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Key features

Multimodal Trip Planning

Passengers plan their transit journeys through an intuitive web or mobile app, creating seamless multimodal trip plans, accommodating walking, biking, public transit, and bike shares, all optimized to user preferences, and taking account of assistant needs. Users can setup accounts and subscribe to receive live updates in the mobile app or by SMS and email.

Multiple Data Sources and API Endpoints

OTP utilizes diverse data sources such as OpenStreetMap, GTFS, GTFS-realtime, GTFS-Flex, GBFS, NeTEx, and a range of API endpoints which enable seamless communication between the trip planning interface and the trip planning engine. This facilitates the exchange of user input and retrieval of detailed trip plans, map tiles, real-time departure information, and other relevant data.



Fully Customizable Trip Planner

Arcadis customizes OTP web and mobile interfaces to the transit agency’s brand, language, and transit mode requirements. Transit agencies can use OTP as a backend for their public or internal trip planners with fully customizable frontend user interfaces.


High Performance

Beyond journey planning, OTP offers high-performance, customizable trip planning with real-time alerts, trip re-routing, delay notifications, and estimated cost calculations across multiple transit options.


Scalable Solution

OTP is highly scalable and suitable for use by regional, national, or private entities, allowing them to set up trip planning for large regions and integrate multiple modes of transportation.

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