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Arcadis applies the principles and best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, except for the following and for the reasons set out below:

4.3.3: In 2003, the Articles of Association of the Company were amended to abandon the structure regime. At that time, provisions were included in the Articles of Association that prescribe that binding nominations for the appointment or dismissal of members of the Executive and Supervisory Board can only be overruled by the General Meeting by a qualified majority rather than an absolute majority. This was done in view of the percentage of share ownership of the Lovinklaan Foundation. As the percentage of share ownership of Lovinklaan is still significant, the reasons for this deviation are still applicable. The deviation is expected to continue to apply as long as Lovinklaan has a significant ownership.

It was further stipulated that nominations to the Executive Board would normally be binding, whereas nominations to the Supervisory Board would, under normal circumstances, be non-binding. The General Meeting explicitly approved this practice in 2003 by adopting the resolution to make the related amendments to the Articles of Association.

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