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The challenge

Since the creation of the Dutch Railways, Rotterdam Central Station was the first to undergo a major renovation to cater to expected passenger growth partly due to the establishment of the HSL-Zuid and RandstadRail. As a pivotal hub in the high-speed network, the enormous scale of the expansion of the station was vital to cope with the increasing number of international train passengers who travel in the city.

The solution

The construction of the new station was preceded by preliminary works, including the demolition of the existing station halls, the conversion of the western tunnel into a temporary passenger tunnel, the construction of a temporary station with a replacement station hall, the establishment of temporary bicycle parking facilities and the construction of a new passenger bridge over the tracks. By delivering these before commencing the construction of the new building, trains remained operational during the renovation.

Arcadis provided client ProRail with engineering services and technical advice since the start of project. We conducted feasibility studies and delivered the structural designs, installation designs, the track designs, design coordination, contracting and the construction management. These works were completed in close consultation with the other designing parties, including project architects, the local government and the contractor.

The impact

After the 10-year renovation, the new Rotterdam Central Station officially opened in 2014. The design is grand in scope, with one integral canopy over the hall and the 18 tracks. On the center side is the spacious station hall with an expansive view of the city, tram and bus station. The large glass canopy above the tracks and platforms gives travelers a unique aesthetic experience upon entering the station. The platforms can be reached via a 50-metre-wide passage under the tracks with commercial facilities on both sides. The Proveniers side is equipped with an extra station entrance; thus, the public area merges seamlessly into the station domain. The existing Proveniers tunnel under the tracks serves as a gate-free inter-district connection.

Rotterdam Central Station expects to receive more than 320,000 train passengers daily by 2025. Travelers who visit the station are welcomed by a visually striking, user-friendly and well-organized structure which is an asset to the city of Rotterdam and can compete with the most beautiful rail stations throughout Europe.

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