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The challenge

The development of promising and marketable new technologies and systems, destined to solve the major challenges relating to sustainability, energy supply and mobility, requires highly networked, digitized and interdisciplinary cooperation. With its own campus, the city of Emden aims to offer developers and players in the leading industries of automotive, energy and mobility the perfect platform for this development work. The conception process for this tech hub requires a spirit of innovation, excellent communication management and state-of-the-art digital planning tools.

The solution

With an integrated, digital and collaborative design and planning strategy, Arcadis is paving the way toward the new innovation campus. Arcadis is supporting the client with consultancy services (including business planning and market research and analysis) to ensure the correct market positioning of the industrial area. As the "hub" of this economic region, THE HUB Emden is targeted primarily at forward-thinking companies and leading sectors that are based in (or wish to base themselves in) Emden. Arcadis is working with the future users and managers of the building to develop a campus model that promotes networking and creates opportunities for the companies based at THE HUB to accelerate their growth.

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    The development has been planned with speed and flexibility in mind. To tackle the challenges of planning in a climate of uncertainty, the buildings and space were planned using an innovative and modular parametric design approach. This method allows for fast and flexible responses to changing requirements and improves decision-making. The client, interested parties and users will be able to explore all designs and scenarios virtually using augmented reality technology. The campus will largely be constructed in modules. The starting point for building planning is the "Innovation Factory". The sustainable energy concept is based on renewable energies, carbon neutrality and the flexible and modular structure of systems.

    Through an innovative participation process, Arcadis scaled the site factors to suit the exact requirements of the project and developed a set of guiding principles for THE HUB Emden to ensure that all of the parties involved in the project were on the same page. The development goals for THE HUB Emden were also clearly formulated for all parties. Arcadis is supporting the development of the campus by creating a framework for vibrant, connected communication, with a focus on establishing links between science and the economy and supporting founders and start-ups with an open and vibrant climate.

The impact

THE HUB Emden will set new standards in interdisciplinary, cross-sector networking within the fields of development and innovation — both in Germany and around the world. It will become a meeting and networking hub for people working with innovative business models in the attractive leading sectors (automotive, energy and mobility). The new campus, in conjunction with the supplier park, enables Emden to ensure that it is fit for the future and to position itself as a model region for e-mobility and much more besides. The campus will be a key driver of growth in Emden and will promote development in the region and beyond, making a lasting positive impact on the area's medium and long-term economic development.

Applied capabilities

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