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of underutilised land revitalised

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The challenge

One of Arcadis’ main challenges in helping deliver the large-scale urban planning development of Central Station was to reimagine the historical Sydney precinct as an innovative and contemporary transport interchange that would also function as a vibrant urban gateway, bringing new economic opportunities to the heart of the city. Drawing on Arcadis’ global expertise, a sustainable and innovative stakeholder-led approach to urban design of the precinct would allow the character and heritage of this inner-city landmark to be retained while creating an exciting new CBD destination reinforcing Sydney’s reputation as a truly global city.

The solution

Arcadis used its experience in leading similar major regeneration projects such as London Bridge Station, Rotterdam Central Station and Federation Square to provide expert technical advice around the engineering aspects of the urban structure plan.


    Due to the cultural and historical significance of the Central Station precinct, it was critical to engage industry stakeholders and the community at an early phase. Their feedback and insights were used as guides to progress the project. Overwhelmingly, stakeholders shared a common vision for the transport precinct to become an exciting destination where people can gather to enjoy this famed public location once again.

    To ensure continued stakeholder collaboration, the Arcadis team devised an innovative approach to deliver design documentation by building a digital information hub called the ‘Central Hub’ accessible by the entire project team. Information can be presented in a visual and engaging way through the Central Hub, making it easier for the community, industry stakeholders and government to understand each step of the process and ensure ongoing collaboration.

The impact

The Central Precinct renewal project focused on successful revitalisation of the surrounding urban neighborhood using new public spaces as a key driver of urban regeneration.


    The over station development of Central Station will open Sydney’s CBD South to the people, providing economic benefits through easy access to a major transport hub connected to bus, light rail and metro rail networks. The underground station development phase of the project used Arcadis’ technical expertise to transform the connectivity of the city to the southwest, bringing efficiency to the commuting experience of public transport users without losing the character and history of Sydney’s most famous railway station.

    Through digital innovations like the ‘Central Hub’ the needs of all stakeholders have been considered to successfully regenerate this landmark Sydney precinct and create a new sense of place anchored by a revitalised economic and transport hub for people living, working, studying and visiting Sydney’s CBD.

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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