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The challenge

As theme parks are still in their infancy in China, there was limited experience to draw from in terms of theme park decoration and construction costs, which could not be measured against conventional project experience. Project challenges included how to determine a reasonable price range for new construction processes, how to determine target costs in the face of insufficient competition, and how to manage costs throughout all stages of project development.

The solution

Thanks to our extensive global networks, Arcadis has in-depth knowledge of the budgeting, tendering, and subcontracting strategies of theme parks all over the world. Insights from other regional theme park projects served by our Asian and Chinese teams have provided us with valuable experience in developing cost strategies. During the implementation phase, we identified contractors and suppliers with experience in constructing theme parks in China. We then began to conduct special research and analysis to identify technical and workmanship challenges, and established a reasonable price range for in-park themes and audio-visual effects, complying with stringent technical standards. 

A large number of imported prefabricated components for the project were designed and supplied by American manufacturers. At the tender stage, the various in-park themes were only available as architectural drawings. We then made reference to the full English logo materials of the project and successfully completed the measurements for, and compilation of, the engineering checklist with very little deviation, taking into account the dimensions of the architectural drawings, successfully completing our research and tendering work. Since 2017, Arcadis has worked with partners in engineering, design, and technology to ensure that Beijing Universal Studios is delivered according to high quality standards and within budget.

The impact

Over 100,000 construction workers were involved in the construction of Universal Beijing Resort, as well as over 500 cross-industry partners from China and overseas, who devised innovative building practices and technological applications.

In terms of sustainable development, Universal Beijing Resort is the world's first theme park and resort to receive LEED gold certification for cities and communities. The resort is home to 170 hectares of evergreen space planted with local species – in addition to protecting the local environment, this also enables the recycling of more than 2.7 billion liters of water per year.

Beijing Universal Studios is expected to host more than 10 million visitors per year, with an average annual operating income of 8 billion yuan, creating 10 thousand direct jobs and becoming a new engine for driving the economy of Beijing and its surrounding areas.

Used capabilities

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