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Arcadis General Business Principles

The Arcadis General Business Principles guide our actions and decisions around the world:

Integrity as a core value. 

Our goal is to conduct business in an honest and transparent manner. Our commitment to integrity determines the way we do business and how we treat our staff. 

Respect for local laws and cultures. 

We comply with national laws and respect the cultures of the countries in which we operate. We support the principles of free enterprise and fair competition and observe applicable laws and regulations. We promote, defend and support our legitimate business interests with due regard to the law and the interests of society. 

Value for customers. 

We are a reliable partner for our clients and aim to carry out our services without jeopardizing the interests of society or our employees or shareholders. We offer services under terms that do not compromise our independent professional judgement and aim to create optimal value for our clients. We focus on continuously improving our services through investment in our knowledge base and the development of employee competencies. We are transparent with our clients about conflicts of interest that could emerge during the execution of our services. 

Responsible employment practices. 

We value our employees as a key resource. We encourage employee engagement and support personal development through comprehensive policies and initiatives. Every Arcadis employee has an equal opportunity for personal recognition, advancement, career development and compensation, regardless of background or beliefs. The same policy applies to recruitment. No form of discrimination or harassment is tolerated. We strive to ensure that fundamental human rights are respected throughout our operations worldwide.

Arcadis UK Supplier Code of Conduct

Are you a supplier? In line with your Terms and Conditions please take a look at the Arcadis UK Supplier Code of Conduct which combines the values of the Arcadis General Business Principles with our UK Purchasing Principles in an easy to understand supplier format.

Click here to view the Arcadis UK Supplier Code of Conduct.

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