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The Future Cities podcast series by Arcadis UK

The Future Cities podcast from Arcadis UK explores what lies ahead for our cities and the people who live, work, move, and play in them.

We take the big issues facing people in the UK and condense them in to short, snappy conversations where experts give their opinions on the latest trends that will influence the quality of life of people across the country.

If you’re interested in how our cities are changing and what our lives will be like in the future, then this is the podcast for you. Look out for new episodes every month and subscribe to the series so you don’t miss a thing!

Future Cities Podcast

Season Two Teaser

Welcome to the second series of Long Story Short, the Future Cities podcast from Arcadis UK. Series one was all about the way we live, work, play and thrive in our cities. But like many things, in the wake of COVID-19 we are refocussing. So in this series we examine the huge changes the world is going through as it slowly starts to reopen and societies try to reclaim a little normality. 

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Series 2 

Episode 11 – Reclaiming the streets. Is it time to rethink how we travel?

Episode 10 – The digital divide. How do we close the gap?

Episode 9 – Protect the NHS. What’s the future of our healthcare?

Episode 8 – Staying Local. Will our town centres thrive again?


Series 1 

Episode 7 – Apart but connected. Is remote working here to stay? 

Episode 6 – Community spirit. Do you love where you live? 

Episode 5 – Faster, better homes. Would you live in a house built in a factory? 

Episode 4 – The million-pound tree. Should nature’s benefits come for free?

Episode 3 – Humans vs robots. What is the role of humans in the future of driving?

Episode 2– Re-imagining work. What will be the last profession left standing? 

Episode 1 – An automated future? Making our cities more human


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