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177 Pacific Highway

North Sydney, NSW, Australia - 177 Pacific Highway is a 30-storey, A-grade commercial tower, located in North Sydney. The development features unobstructed views and open floor plates that minimise overshadowing of parks and public areas.


A-grade commercial tower


of new A-grade office NLA
177 Pacific Highway at dusk

A landmark addition to the North Sydney skyline.

Arcadis was appointed to provide structural, civil and geotechnical engineering services for this project, from concept to completion.

The project requirements and the engineering challenges on this tower necessitated the development of unique innovative solutions including the design of 7-metre cantilevers for office use, the use of a combination of hanging and strut-tie structures to support up to 27 levels of suspended floors, and working with the builder to enable safe and timely construction of these complex structures.

One of the safety challenges of Project 177 was the complex load paths present in the basement, podium and around the significant column transfers, due to the hanging columns and changing design load capacities of different levels. This complication increased the likelihood of mistakes being made during propping.

To combat this, Arcadis provided detailed propping drawings and procedures for key areas to promote safety in design, fulfilling the responsibility to ensure that everyone working on the project went home to their families each day.

The project team participated in Safety-in-Design workshops, where structural options were created to reduce safety risks during construction. As a result of this, the steel beam connection details of the 3-storey steel and glass podium were altered to minimise the required complexity and time for assembly, reducing the amount of work undertaken at height.

The project team also designed the connections with 'seats' that provided immediate permanent vertical support to connecting members before bolts were installed, increasing safety by removing the need to provide temporary support during construction. No incidents were recorded during the construction of the podium steel structure.

Project 177 resulted in a premium commercial development with open floor plates, unobstructed views, very low floorplate deflection, and low floor to floor heights - maximising commercial appeal. Arcadis' refined structural beam design and vibration analysis were pivotal to achieving this.

The result is a premium commercial development that has improved North Sydney’s liveabilty and led to increased economic activity in the area.



A-grade commercial tower


of new A-grade office NLA


steel and glass podium

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