Binzagr Logistics Centre

King Abdullah Economic City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Middle East - Built to address the growing demand for consumer goods in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the Binzagr Logistics Centre in the King Abdullah Economic City is a fully automated facility that is setting the standards for similar future investments.

Binzagr Company, one of the leading distributors of a wide range of consumer goods in Saudi Arabia, is determined to be a game changer in the supply chain and logistics industry. To achieve this goal, the company has embarked on a modernization project of its storage and supply chain network, which is aligned with KSA’s Vision 2030 of automation, upskilling of Saudi human resources and improving energy efficiency. Part of this modernization project was the construction of a new facility located on a plot area of about 300,000m2 in the Industrial Valley at King Abdullah Economic City and is close to the King Abdullah Port.

Delivering a state-of-the art design
The complexity and size of the project required Binzagr Company to seek an experienced supply chain consulting and engineering partner with proven technical and delivery capabilities. After defining the overall concept, a solution to construct a highly automated storage and retrieval system was arrived.

Arcadis, together with Miebach Consulting, delivered the design for the logistics facility while ensuring the design’s adherence to local Saudi building codes as well as international codes. The package of work also included providing construction supervision to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

This project resulted in one of the tallest (standing 50m tall) and fully automated warehouses for fast moving consumer goods in the Middle East. The facility is also equipped with hypoxic system technology for fire protection instead of the typical sprinkler system. The approximately 110,000m2 temperature-controlled logistics center comprises a main warehouse building and several reinforced concrete buildings for the services.

Answer to consumers’ demands
With the influx of tourists and expats into Saudi Arabia, the supply and demand for consumer goods is expected to skyrocket. The performance of Binzagr Company’s logistics network is expected improve with the new facility in place by increasing speed and flexibility of transporting the products throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Moreover, the logistics center’s strategic location in KAEC means it can take advantage of a port infrastructure and new regulations for special economic development zones, meeting the demands of the people.

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