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What's the impact of wind turbines and other renewable energy sources on birds, marine mammals and their habitat?

Brussels, Belgium - Arcadis will answer this question on behalf of the European Commission. Arcadis Belgium was recently appointed by the European Commission to investigate the impact of renewable energy sources on protected nature in Europe, in particular protected species and habitats in the context of the Bird and Habitat Directives. The European Bird and Habitat directives are the pillars of the European Natura 2000 policy.

Arcadis onderzoekt de impact van hernieuwbare energiebronnen op beschermde natuur

The contract represents a total value of 1 million euros, of which 350,000 euros for Arcadis.
The project is twofold:

• Based on numerous interviews and extensive desk research the challenges Member States are facing with regard to planning and permitting of renewable energy sources and in particular in relation to N2000, will be investigated and recommendations will be provided.
• A state-of-the-art overview of current knowledge on impacts on N2000 species/habitats of wind, solar, geothermal, ocean (wave and tidal) and bioenergy will be provided as well as of the available mitigation measures. Main target groups are birds, bats and marine mammals.

During this two-year contract, the current European Commission Guidelines on Wind Energy and Natura 2000 will be updated and a toolkit for the development of sensitivity maps will be developed. This project is led by Arcadis Belgium, supported by Arcadis UK and various subcontractors, such as ONDRAF / NIRAS and Birdlife. The results of this project will be communicated during workshops in all 28 Member States.

This project demonstrates the in-depth expertise of Arcadis both in the field of renewable energy and in the area of biodiversity impact assessment, and strengthens our position as a reputable partner for the European Commission.

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