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Modelling of the Donaumoos river system

Ingolstadt, Germany - Excessive draining led to large scale settlements, reduction of biodiversity as well as CO2-emissions in the largest low-level moor region in southern Germany. Sustainable water management is paramount for future development and protection - Arcadis provides the digital basis.

Danube river in yellow morning light with trees in the background

Triple-win: Nature conservation, flood protection and a significant contribution to climate protection

Moor regions accumulate twice as much CO2 as all forests in the world. Draining them for urbanization and agriculture boosts global warming. Above that, they reduce flood risks by buffering rainwater like sponges.

We reconcile climate and flood protection with the interests of local agriculture and residents by laying the foundations for sustainable water management in a dynamic, sensitive and complex environment. Our task: Monitoring, modelling, analysis and visualisation of groundwater dynamics, precipitation, flood and hydrodynamics.

Our modelling system will be used for extensive simulations and prognosis calculations up to groundwater management. This allows, for example, to predict the effects of precipitation or new gravel extraction areas in the Donaumoos or to make reliable statements about changes in the groundwater level for affected residents. Furthermore, our data can be used to improve water management towards a more sustainable agriculture.

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