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Helping Antwerp realize its climate ambitions

Antwerp - Cities are under increasing pressure to adjust to climate change, rethinking their water systems and energy networks with resilience, the energy transition and carbon neutrality as main ingredients. The city of Antwerp is no different but has a unique opportunity to align this effort with already planned infrastructure adjustments.

water- en energiesysteem Antwerpen

The city of Antwerp has voiced an ambition to cover its infamous ring road to improve living conditions in the city and enhance mobility. Arcadis is already working on the cover design. In addition, the city now sees the planned adjustments to the ring road as an opportunity to review its water and energy systems, thus driving the energy transition. It has asked Arcadis, in cooperation with AgenceTer, TVK, Ingenium and IBM to design a spatial concept which future proofs and optimizes these systems.

The Arcadis-led study and design will provide advanced insight in the current and future water and energy household of the city and the impact the new ring infrastructure can have on those systems and vice versa. With these results in hand, the city will be able to create a clear framework for investments, design and maintenance decisions in the coming decades.

This project contributes to the ambition of the city of Antwerp to be climate neutral in 2050. Due to its central position in the city, the ring road is extremely suitable to play a central role in the water and energy system of the city. Many surrounding city districts can be linked to new, climate-friendly water and energy networks. The ambitions are high, because in addition to innovation and sustainability, great importance is also attached to the spatial quality and the integration of these systems into the environment. Smart design solutions linking the useful to the pleasant.

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