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Site Evaluation and Restoration

Managing nature's delicate balance is a vitally important yet complex thing to do. We ensure that our clients’ sites are ecologically balanced and properly equipped for the long term.

Ronnie Theodory

Environment Business Director +974 3378 0493 Ask me a question

Our natural environment is highly sensitive to the demands placed upon it. As the planet’s population grows, so too does the damage inflicted on the natural world. Be it in the form of a chemical spill in a reservoir or the need to increase freshwater supplies,  we have built a world class reputation for the evaluation and remediation of contaminated land, solving even the most complex environmental problems.

We have assisted clients, both public and private, to enhance the environmental performance of their sites, and we have an excellent track record in delivering some of the most innovative and successful remediation projects in the world.

Associated services:
- Restoration Strategy
- Site Investigation
- Remedy Design
- Remedy Implementation

As one of the global leads in oil and gas production, the Middle East’s physical environment has been affected for over 65 years. Arcadis is currently pioneering site investigation and remediation capability within the region, implementing industry leading experience and best practice specific to the local environment. Arcadis is reassuring clients’ through decades of regional experience and technical excellence, that their assets and the wider environment are a priority.

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Ronnie Theodory

Environment Business Director +974 3378 0493 Ask me a question
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