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The driver behind everything we do, electrical engineering is at the very heart of the modern world. Our specialists work in markets right across the world to deliver only the very best.

Sean Finlayson

Technical Director, Electrical Engineering Ask me a question

Electrical engineering is all around us. From large-scale commercial developments to the most complex transportation networks, electrical engineering is the driver behind the world’s buildings and infrastructure that we all use each and every day.

Our people work in markets right across the world, applying their specialist knowledge and expertise to deliver engineering solutions to assets of every scale and type.

As the world moves towards the internet of everything, it is predicted that more than six billion devices will be intelligent and connected to centralized systems for control and monitoring their energy usage and uptime, ranging from driverless cars to people fitted with medical sensors, all of which requiring either high, medium and low and extra low voltage power and telecommunications. Our consultancy service provides solutions for high availability power and control systems, control rooms (software applications, servers and workstations and data centers), sensors and instrumentation and wireless and wired communication networks.

As our clients move towards intelligent solutions ranging from smart grids, smart water to smart transportation, smart buildings and smart retail and leisure, the requirement for electrical engineering solutions has never been more prevalent.

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Sean Finlayson

Technical Director, Electrical Engineering Ask me a question
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