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Claims Preparation and Defense

Should a dispute go to court, it is crucial to be fully prepared. Our expert disputes team makes sure that you have all the relevant facts, detail and information at your fingertips to ensure we are able to fully protect your best interests.

Gary Kitt

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Claim Management

Poorly produced claims or misinformed defenses reduce the likelihood of parties settling. The impact of this can be far reaching and resulting formal proceedings can prove costly, time consuming and resource sapping for all concerned.

Our people work closely with our clients to mitigate risk and achieve the best solution. We analyze the facts to identify where the time and/or money has gone, where and by whom the issues have been created, and perhaps most importantly; the best possible mitigation scenario to recover loss and provide a valid and robust defense against claims.
Associated services:
- Claims strategy (extension of time and monetary claims)
- Complex change, measurement and valuation issues
- Extension of time claims
- Delay and disruption assessment and valuation
- Damages claims
- PI & negligence claims
- eDiscovery & complex data aggregation
- Scalable mega-dispute capability and experience

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Gary Kitt

Head of UK Contract Solutions +44 (0)207 812 2310 Ask me a question
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