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Airports and aviation create value for society, cities and regional economies - they connect people, communities, goods and businesses. Aiming to meet higher customer expectations, airports are challenged to offer first-class service and customer experiences. Rapid urbanization is driving new investments and modernization. To ensure business continuity, a growing number of airports are investing to strengthen their resilience and to achieve carbon neutrality. Arcadis partners with investors, authorities and contractors worldwide to provide tailored solutions and create attractive and future-proof airports.

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Using design and innovation to deliver state-of-the-art aviation facilities

Multimodal transit hubs
Airports are multimodal transit hubs – they are no longer simply a place where a traveler arrives and departs or changes transportation. The facilities in and around an airport are now a destination and experience within themselves. Working closely together with airports and their other infrastructure providers, our world-class experts are driven to create innovative solutions that encourage investment in the greater aerotropolis, which generates new revenue streams and boosts regional prosperity.

Project and program management
The complexity of planning and executing large airport infrastructure, construction and commercial developments is daunting. Budgets, supply chains, health and safety priorities, time frames and the large number of stakeholders involved need expert management. Arcadis partners to create the right strategy, manage and mitigate risk and ensure outcomes which meet business objectives and create exceptional value. 

Sustainability and social responsibility
Airports are complicated spaces where airlines, air traffic control, ground and baggage handlers, catering companies, fueling services, passenger shuttle transport, airport maintenance services, emergency services, border control and retailers all have a stake. We partner with airports and their multitude of stakeholders to carry out environmental management programs, while ensuring continuity of airport operations including but not limited to air quality monitoring, water management, noise mitigation, carbon dioxide reduction and biodiversity management. 

Digital optimization for passenger experience
A smooth passenger journey strengthens an airport’s competitive advantage. Integrating new security tools, traveler information systems, sensor technology and/or big data in airports are powerful ways to improve service and speed of one’s journey. Advanced technologies significantly improve efficiency and the passenger experience with landside, terminal and airside access through aspects like ticketing, security, check-in and boarding. Arcadis can help airports with their digital transformation, using platform-agnostic design and management to benefit an airport’s transition.

Asset management - balancing performance, risks and costs  
Like many asset-intensive organizations, airports are systematically professionalizing their asset management. Focus is shifting towards maximization of an asset’s value for the whole lifecycle, moving towards a continuous business process that will achieve the highest ROI. ISO 55000 provides asset managers a good base for achieving these higher aspirations. Arcadis helps airports unlock hidden value through professional asset management, providing airports a clear framework and more control over lifecycle costs and business benefits.

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Nick Hutchinson

Global Leader Integrated Airport Solutions Ask me a question
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