With ever increasing digitalization, globalization and explosive advancements in technology global industries are pushing forward. Industry 4.0 - or the fourth industrial revolution - is changing the way supply chains interact. With a clear focus on the industrial value chain, companies can achieve better operational efficiencies and realize the opportunities that new markets and technologies bring. We help our clients to meet their industry's challenges and achieve competitive advantage through combining our technical expertise with deep industry knowledge. Find out more by clicking on our sector specialisms below.

Research and Development Facilities
In today's rapidly changing world, R&D spends have risen substantially. It is essential to ensure state of the art R&D facilities are realized, upgraded and maintained, enabling world class results.
Distribution Centers
Distribution is innovating rapidly and continuously, under the influence of new technologies. Distribution centers that are future-proofed to align with rapid shifts in demand while accommodating increasingly flexible and customized manufacturing.
Globalization to meet demand in local markets
Resiliency and being first to market are key in the emerging markets. Understanding the drivers and establishing fast and agile solutions is essential.
Keeping people engaged and getting the most out of your office area is key in business. The office of the future is engaging, interactive and both flexible and connecting.
Data Centers
In the digital age, demand for safe transfer and storage of data is ever-increasing. Together with our client we develop resilient and flexible data center solutions: well managed to time and budget, stretching into striking architectural features and optimizing use of energy and resources.
Selling the Product (Retail / B2B)
Reputation and consistency of the brand is key. With the further development of the digital world, the explosion of mobile technology and integration of retail channels, our stores are moving into a new era of integrated retail.
Manufacturing Sites
Companies are under pressure to upgrade and optimize production to meet growing demand, accommodate for rapid advancements in technology and be agile in their production, matching new demands- all at optimized cost to stay competitive in an increasingly commoditized world.

How are manufacturers investing and building in changing markets?

When it comes to making investments in their production and other built facilities, industrial manufacturing executives are most challenged by the constraints on funding, the lack of available talent and increasing production costs, according to Arcadis’ new Industrial Capital Expenditure Survey. Reaching out to over 70 leading industry experts in manufacturing across the world, the Industrial Capital Expenditure Survey provides insight into the latest trends in built asset capital project and program delivery across the industrial manufacturing sectors. Highlighting which sectors are adopting best practice, the report reveals seven key themes and trends, which best-in-class manufacturers must navigate to meet the affordability challenge and maximize the value of built assets delivered, in the midst of a transforming supply chain.

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