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Making the Mekong Delta climate-resilient

Mekong Delta, Vietnam - The Mekong Delta is a densely populated area vital for rice production, it is therefore important for the food security of the country. A slight rise in sea levels will put this delta at risk. Dutch experience with water governance systems will allow the region to better coordinate investments, and therefore increase the climate resilience of the delta.

Dutch experience improves water governance in the Mekong Delta

Vietnam is concerned about climate change. What are the consequences of storms, torrential rain, freshwater shortages and higher sea levels on the country’s Mekong Delta? This sensitive area is heavily populated and highly dependent on agriculture, and Vietnam aims to improve and expand the infrastructure and agricultural productivity. The impact of climate change and future socio-economic developments result in complex challenges.

The Vietnamese government has already taken a number of important steps to improve the regional coordination of these investments, so the area can be developed sustainably. As a delta country, the Netherlands has centuries of experience with water management and regional coordination. Our experts shared relevant and effective Dutch examples, and in doing so supported the Vietnamese government to make decisions in the development of their regional coordination mechanisms. Examples include our experience with water boards, the Flood Protection Program (HWBP), the long-term infrastructure, spatial planning and transport (MIRT) model, the Triple Helix Model, and the Delta Program.

The approach consisted of selecting and analyzing appropriate Dutch mechanisms, along with desk research and in-depth interviews with experts from Arcadis and the Dutch government. The strengths and weaknesses of the Dutch mechanisms have been identified through an analysis of the organizational structure, institutional structure, financing, and conditions required for implementation and knowledge development, and translated into recommendations for the Vietnamese situation.

The developments in the Mekong Delta are being closely monitored in Vietnam. This project is funded by the Dutch government, in the context of bilateral water cooperation under the Partners for Water program.

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