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Katwijk Coastal Reinforcement

Katwijk, The Netherlands - Renewal of coastal area strengthens Katwijk’s image as an attractive seaside resort. The Rijnland Water Board and the Municipality of Katwijk have created a new flood defense along the boulevard.


km of renewed and reinforced coastal area


parking spaces in dike-in-dune with integrated parking garage

Underground parking garage in a dune 

The necessary coastal reinforcement has been combined with a spatial renovation of the sand dunes. Part of the renovation is an underground parking garage hidden in a dune – a unique and innovative combination within the same project, a technical masterpiece with which the client has demonstrated thinking outside the box. The preliminary phase was driven by the concept of dike-in-dune with parking garage. During the design of the coastal reinforcement, the prime focus was on integrity with a continuous search for flexibility and added value. 

Winner of: 

  • Kustwerk Katwijk – Best Building of 2016 

The parking garage in Katwijk aan Zee that is integrated into a newly created dune landscape was voted as the winner by both the expert jury and the public. Read more on Rijnland.net 

  • ‘Best Public Space Design of the Netherlands’ for Kustwerk Katwijk 

The Falco Best Public Space Design Award for 2015 was presented on 9 December 2015 during the National Public Space Design Conference. Kustwerk Katwijk was chosen as the winner from more than twenty submissions. This prize is awarded every year to the most attractive, most accessible and most unusual public space in the Netherlands. Read more at Kustwerkkatwijk.nl 

  • Kustwerk Katwijk wins Rijnland Architecture Prize 

The Rijnland Architecture Prize is awarded every two years to the best building of the last two years. On 13 October 2015, Kustwerk Katwijk won both the jury prize and the prize awarded by the public! RoyalHaskoningDHV, Arcadis and OKRA had worked for the last 6 years together with the Rijnland Water Board and the Municipality of Katwijk on this exceptional project. The project was carried out by the Ballast Nedam/Rohde Nielsen consortium and was completed in February 2015. Read more at Kustwerkkatwijk.nl 

  • Top Award for Architectural Excellence - International Parking Institute 

As the 2017 winners of the International Parking Institute’s (IPI) Awards of Excellence illustrate, diverse parking challenges call for a myriad of creative solutions. Situated behind a new dike and beneath a natural dune, the $16 million Kustwerk Katwijk parking garage is an integral part of the Dutch town of Katwijk’s new water defense system, protecting it from the North Sea and providing beachside parking.” Read the jury report on Parking.org 

  • World Architecture News Infrastructure Award 
The jury report states: “This project celebrates the fact that we have to build infrastructure and it can be joyous and a real addition." October 2016. See also the website of the Province of Zuid-Holland 

Nominated for: 

  • Gouden Piramide May 2015 
  • Agemaprijs November 2015 



km of renewed and reinforced coastal area


parking spaces in dike-in-dune with integrated parking garage


Winner of 5 prestigious awards

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