Lexus 2020 Program

Europe - A progressive sectors, for which product visualization within a luxurious environment plays a key role in retail, is automotive. Especially in premium brand segment is sustainable customer experience and developed product visualization / digitalization of a high value. In this context, Arcadis provides implementation of Lexus Retail Concept 2020 standards in around 400 Lexus showrooms across Europe. Main portfolio of tasks is oriented on advisory and consultancy to local Lexus dealerships, in order to achieve best standard realization.


Lexus Showrooms

One of the Arcadis Czech Republic Lexus Brand Guardian projects can be described as very special. Its scope included retail concept refresh, new fit-out for an extraordinary site - Lexus Krakow, one of the best Lexus retailers in Europe. Not only design creation, covering all needs of the site and brand, but as well as successful supply chain management combined with regular construction inspection and advisory led to a very good and exceptional result at the highest level. 

Lexus and Arcadis – a successful cooperation lasting for more than 10 years

Starting in 2006, in the 1st programme stage, Arcadis was involved in Lexus network expansion in form of advisory to retailers undertaking constructions of new dealerships. Main scope of activity included preparation of conceptual design for new buildings, as well as brand items supply chain management. Successful implementation wouldn´t be achievable without regular construction site inspections by Arcadis Project Managers (called Brand Guardian) and reports highlighting non-standard items and procedures. Each project was accomplished by final audit confirming high expectations on CI compliance and respective feel and look of a premium car sales and aftersales point. In 2012, Lexus could demonstrate an expansion using over 300 brand-new retail sites across Europe and Russia.  

In 2014, Arcadis was instructed with rollout of second phase of Lexus Programme – Retail Concept 2020 refresh of existing network. Not only advisory in context of successful CI standards implementations, but an entire programme rollout including procurement and establishment of supply chain, granting 3 years price fixation, relying on robust logistics network, should be realized. Logistics was one of most important challenges to be considered, as more than 25 markets across Europe, Middle East and Russia should be covered. One factor enabling deliveries on time was sophisticated network development plan, created in cooperation with the client. This schedule determined implementation time lines for each of the 250 facilities. Supply Chain activities linked to the network plan allowed the suppliers to hold correct levels of stock and provide appropriate services to dealer network to a time point, when products and materials were required. Studies made on some pilot projects demonstrated, that each retailer saved on average 4 weeks out of their procurement activity.

Our client appreciated especially value engineering solutions, created for every site, which helped to developed robust implementation and financial models. As one of the outcomes of this intensive activity were savings of about 15% from estimated cost baseline.

For Lexus as our client, we established a team of experienced automotive professionals to undertake the Brand Guardian role, providing clear guidance to the dealer network around the requirements of the brand. With this support, Lexus can base its car sales and aftersales of a network of modern, high premium and well-equipped sites, delivering Lexus experience by means of high-quality fit-out elements, as furniture, RGB lighting concepts etc.

Nowadays, Arcadis is also involved in future evolutions, Lexus would like to take up and implement. Digital and smart life style are the key factors shaping newest development supported by Arcadis. Also 0 emissions 2050 and green building certifications in context of this requirement for all new Lexus sites is an important chapter, Arcadis cooperates on.  

Arcadis Czech Republic covers a wide region spread from Finland to Israel, from Austria to Ukraine, containing almost a third of total programme volume. This large scale of Lexus sites contains all types of sites (retail, satellites, authorized repairs) and projects (refresh, new builds, refurbishments) with corresponsive .



Lexus Showrooms

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