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Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Developing a plan to allow for a balanced, fair and sustainable co-existence between the airfield and the local community.


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Old Aeroplane Company Tyabb

Tyabb airfield is a privately-owned aviation facility located on the Mornington Peninsula, approximately 84 km south east of Melbourne. Opened in the 1960’s, it is located directly adjacent to the western edge of central Tyabb township. The airfield and town have grown significantly over the years, and a plan was needed to ensure both could continue to grow and coexist. This presents a number of challenges due to the close proximity of the township, the surrounding topography and uncertainty regarding both future plans for the airfield and the regulatory framework.

In this context, Arcadis and project partner Kneebush Planning were appointed by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to develop the Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan to allow for a balanced, fair and sustainable co-existence between the airfield and the local community. 

Tyabb Airfield is a general aviation facility, supporting primarily recreational use but caters for a diverse mix of aviation uses including a flight school, charters, engineering services for aircraft, the restoration and maintenance of historic aircraft, and support for emergency-services. It also hosts the biennial Tyabb air-show. Tyabb Airfield has the largest collection of ex-military aircraft (“warbirds”) and historic aircraft in Australia.

Following an intensive community consultation program, as well as an analysis of regulatory and planning requirements, the Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan was developed to provide a comprehensive plan for the community and airfield to coexist. It included:

  • The Airfield Area Plan

  • The Off-Airfield Plan including recommended Airspace Protection Areas and Public Safety Zones

  • A recommended “road map” to establish appropriate planning policies and controls including the development of an Airfield Master Plan and Airfield Noise Management Plan – incorporating a review of an existing Fly Neighbourly advice

  • Proposed establishment of a Community Reference Group

  • Advice regarding further investigation of areas with high aircraft noise exposure

  • Implementation Plan

The plan outlines a balanced way forward for both the airfield’s operators and the local community to continue to grow, develop and enjoy the high quality of life offered by Tyabb and the Mornington Peninsula.



Precinct Plan

Over 100

community submissions

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