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Solid Waste Management

In order to remain at the forefront of the evolving waste management market, public and private entities need to maintain safe, economical systems that use environmentally sound technologies to support beneficial reuse and add significant value.

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Providing lifecycle waste management to protect communities

The experts at Arcadis are fully dedicated to providing pro-active and innovative solutions to preserve landfill capacity, divert organic waste, and convert waste to energy where feasible.

Our experience in serving all types of solid waste management facilities on an international basis allows us to support the full range of client needs, from strategic planning through project construction and operations monitoring. Furthermore, our expertise not only includes project planning, design, and implementation, but also environmental impact assessments and regulatory compliance assistance.

Arcadis Canada has provided assessment, permitting, design, and construction oversight services in many locations, ranging from Chalk River, Ontario to the Northwest Territories, Oman and Belize.

As with all of our work, we are committed to promoting environmental practices that enhance human and ecological health and safety. In this context, waste diversion and reduction strategies are key components of our solid waste management plans to ensure the most positive impact on our communities.

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Craig Kelly

Senior Geoscientist Ask me a question
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