• Environmental Solutions

Environmental Site Assessments

For environmental sites throughout Canada, closure, compliance, and redevelopment hinge on having an accurate understanding of site conditions. At Arcadis, we work with clients throughout the project lifecycle to provide key insights regarding their site investigation projects.

Facilitating site closures and redevelopment through environmental assessments

Regulatory compliance, liability elimination, and site evaluation are the foundations of a successful environmental site assessment project.

At Arcadis, we provide turnkey services for environmental site assessments throughout Canada. Our dedicated and knowledgeable teams work with clients throughout project lifecycles, starting with site characterization and ending with long-term monitoring after project completion.

We help our clients better understand the risk of potential liabilities on their properties and provide technical guidance on remediation when environmental impacts are discovered. Arcadis also ensures compliance, attains building permits and financial approvals, and monitors health and safety concerns.

Our comprehensive environmental site assessments and project work allow clients to redevelop land, especially in urban centers. Contaminated brownfields become residential communities: a positive result for people and the environment.

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