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Alternative Project Delivery

In today’s complex market, there is constant pressure for businesses to have lower costs, better performance, and faster mobilization. As a result, alternative project delivery is in more demand than ever, as solutions are needed to keep projects up to par with modern expectations.

Tom Visosky

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Developing alternative project delivery solutions to meet modern expectations

Alternative project delivery offers flexible approaches to project and construction management that businesses need in the fast-paced industry today.

At Arcadis, we are experienced with all areas of alternative project delivery, allowing us to develop, procure, and deliver projects faster and more economically for our clients. We provide our clients with cost-conscious projects completed under strict deadlines while optimizing risk transfer and maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

Our teams tailor their innovative solutions specifically for client needs and budgets and implement strategies to manage risks, minimize conflicts, and balance incentives.

We understand the complexities of project work and know that alternative project delivery should improve cost-efficiency, expedite scheduled performance, all while reducing risks and costs. Our teams work side-by-side with clients from project implementation to completion to help sort through these challenges.

Ultimately, alternative project delivery is a team effort. Arcadis ensures partnerships and collaboration between owners, designers, contractors, and stakeholders to complete project work in the most effective way possible.

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Tom Visosky

Vice President, Alternative Project Delivery 213 797 5248 Ask me a question
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