• Capabilities: Engineering, Program Management, Transportation Planning
  • Sectors: Rail and Urban Transport, Transportation

Amsterdam Central Station Island

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - With 240,000 passengers daily, Amsterdam Central Station is the largest transfer station in The Netherlands. Updates were needed to increase convenience and mobility.


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Amsterdam Centraal Station


Improvements to connect the island to the embankment lead to considerable improvements for both traffic and passengers. Along the IJ canal, a 300 meter long road tunnel was created, providing ample space for slow traffic at ground level. The station hall is also being expanded in the direction of the IJ canal. This hall will be a lively link between the Central Station, the metro station of the North-South line and a bus station at ground level.


Using a cofferdam that was built in the water, the existing embankment was pushed into the IJ canal. Thus, an additional 40 meter wide strip of land has been created to the north of the station. The cofferdam reinforces the island in the IJ canal, protecting the monumental station from any adverse effects resulting from the underground building activities.


A 300 meter long road tunnel (level 1) has been built parallel to the station. This tunnel consists of two conduits, each accommodating two traffic lanes. The motor traffic goes underground, gradually allowing more space to the traffic at ground level. By using high-grade materials and careful detailing of paving and ornaments, the resulting public space will be imposing. The station hall is also expanded in the direction of the IJ canal. This hall will be a lively link between the Central Station, the metro station of the North-South line and a bus station at ground level.

Bus station

Every hour, about 100 buses call in at the Central Station. These buses stop at bus stops that are spread out across various locations on the side of the city. The new bus station, with 24 dynamic bus stops, provides passengers with more clarity and reduces bus traffic on the side of the city. Situating the bus station at the same level as the trains  creates a more balanced and inter-connected public transport junction. The convenience of the passengers is guaranteed by a curved transparent covering that is similar to the existing eone. Seen from a distance, it offers a very balanced view. Cyclists and pedestrians at ground level will also benefit from the covering. 

Arcadis’ role

The relocation of the jetties and landing stages and the adjustment of bridges in the access roads complete the project. The dynamic environment dictates the planning and  logistics of the process. One important element in its execution is the renovation and completion of the underground infrastructure of cable work and wiring. 

Arcadis is responsible for various products and services:

  • Initial and final design 
  • Tendering
  • Management and supervision
  • Detailing of project execution
  • Advice on road planning
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Cable work
  • Wiring and overhead wires
  • Phase planning, execution and logistics 



Passengers a day


Buses an hour
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