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Arcadis uses data analytics to create annual energy savings of US$460K for a building owner

Asia - A building owner in Hong Kong needed to improve the current performance of its HVAC system to reduce operational expenditure, minimize energy consumption and increase the operational lifecycle of its chiller units.


The project needed to develop a solution to identify, procure and project manage the installation of an enhanced HVAC system. The project required rooftop operations in difficult-to-access areas without disrupting the current operations of the building. Reducing noise pollution for current building occupants and residents of adjacent buildings was also a priority.


Arcadis provided data analysis and project management for the building owner to upgrade and replace its chiller units to improve operational efficiency. The Arcadis team collated and analysed a large data set to identify a smart solution to optimize the current chiller unit performance. To add value to the project, the team engaged with the building’s facilities management to implement predicative maintenance of the new system to optimize the future operations of the building.


This resulted in a 30% reduction in the total number of required chiller units, creating an annual energy saving of US$460K, a reduction in operational costs of an estimated US$81K and an increase in operational lifecycle of 20 years.


  • Analysis of the building’s existing operational data to identify smart solution for the HVAC system, leading to optimized usage and cooling loads of the chille
  • Integrated project management between Arcadis’ Business Advisory and Project Management teams
  • Testing and commissioning of the final installed chiller units

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