• Capabilities: Drones & Data Optimization

Arcadis improves space utilization of a car park by using data analytics

Asia - With increasing demand for both monthly and hourly car parking spaces, a building owner and operator in Hong Kong was looking for ways to optimize the available car park space to maximise revenue and improve the user experience for existing tenants and the wider public.


The owner had been experiencing high traffic in certain car parks and low traffic in others, and wanted to achieve a better balance of traffic/occupancy across different car parks, within a district.


By using data analytics, research and benchmarking, Arcadis provided data analysis of current and past change to historical parking patterns for different user groups and produced meaningful recommendations on strategies to better distribute car park users. These included strategies to optimize a free parking policy, modifications in the policies around reserved parking spaces and advice on the adoption of modern IT systems to support future operations.


Traffic was spread more evenly across the car parks during busy times and reduced the overcrowding in locations with a high volume of cars. The owner was able to increase the number of hourly parking users without impacting the long-term subscribers.


  • Tailored approach to ensure even spread of traffic across car parks and avoid overcrowding
  • Price recommendation, through a benchmarking study against other sites across Hong Kong
  • Rationalized free parking policy realized through study of trends and benchmark sites
  • Recommendations on potential modern IT systems that could be adopted

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