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Urban Planning

As the world changes so too does the need to plan and design our towns and cities to meet the demands of the future. We understand what it takes to help our clients create spaces that are built to last.

Lily Wei

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As people continue to flock to our urban centers the pressure grows on the social, physical and environmental fabric of the city. Without a carefully designed and integrated approach to planning new developments, this pressure can seriously impact inhabitants and even threaten a city’s reputation and status. On top of this, consider the increasing competition between the planet’s cities when it comes to attracting talent and investment and you have a potent mix.

At Arcadis, our experts have years of experience in designing and planning developments in urban environments across the globe. Our multidisciplinary approach has helped our clients from both public and private sectors to ensure their urban developments are eye-catching, economically efficient and built to last.

Across Asia today cities are facing up to a wide range of different challenges. Record levels of urbanisation has left some of the biggest cities needing to address issues such as rapid expansion and the pressures of urban regeneration, whilst smaller towns are struggling with industrial developments and preserving the surrounding environment. Large or small, our professionals have the knowledge and experience to identify solutions that will help our clients to create sustainable developments that deliver social, economic and environmental benefits, and which help to improve the quality of life in the cities and communities where they live.

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Lily Wei

Vice President, CallisonRTKL +86 21 6157 2932 Ask me a question
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