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Ensuring our cities and communities are protected from the elements is going to be one of the major challenges for tomorrow’s world. We need to ensure our planet is properly protected.


Our planet’s ecosystems are intricate and highly delicate things. The increased stress and strain placed upon them by urbanization and climate change put our environment under serious risk, especially our water systems. Protecting our world and its people from the elements is of the utmost importance.

With over a century of experience protecting the notoriously flood-prone Dutch coastline, we have the unique position to advise on all matters of water management. From developing flood defenses in Asia Pacific to storm proofing New York’s financial district, Arcadis’ unrivaled expertise enhances the quality, safety and adaptability of urban and coastal, riverine and delta ecosystems everywhere.

Associated solutions:

- Climate Resilient Delta Cities

- Coastal Management Systems

- River Management Systems

Questions about this capability

John Batten

Global Cities Director +852 2911 2000 Ask me a question

Wenmei Dubbelaar

Head of Water Management, China +86 21 6026 1418 Ask me a question
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