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Structural Engineering

Designing world's strongest and highest-performing structures is no easy task. Each and every time, our experts ensure what we deliver meets only the most exacting standards.

High-performing buildings require innovative structural thinking. Our experts go beyond just overcoming the physical limitations of sites. At Arcadis, our people create solutions that support a long-lasting, durable design and construction and create new opportunities for architects and project owners.

On each project we undertake, we work closely with both in-house architects and directly with clients to respond to a full range of structural needs and ensure each and every building we work on delivers outstanding results.

The structural group in Asia has experience working in all the major countries in the region. We provide sustainable structural solutions that are fully integrated primarily with the owner’s vision as well as the requirements of the design team. Our designs are carried out in 3D and documented using BIM techniques.

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Chan Chi Kong

Head of Engineering Buildings, Asia +852 2911 2000 Ask me a question

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Head of Design & Engineering, Singapore +91 9605446324 Ask me a question
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