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Getting procurement and supply chains right can be the difference between a project being successful or not. Our people help make sense of the process to give you greater security and peace of mind.

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In recent times, commodity prices and financial markets have become more unpredictable than ever before, making the procurement process infinitely more challenging. Securing the right resources at the correct time for the best price is key to delivering projects on time and within budget, and it’s getting tougher. So, too, is balancing the need for corporations to minimize their impact on the planet when making purchase decisions.

At Arcadis, we understand the need to deliver within budget and within the allotted time frame. Our people have years of experience in the procurement and contract spheres and ensure that whatever your procurement need, we have the expertise to help you maximize value.

Many parts of Asia are still classed as “hot markets” experiencing major inflationary pressures and power skewed in favor of suppliers. Some markets however are starting to slowly create both opportunity and risk for clients.

At Arcadis we have the detailed Asian market knowledge that is critical to understanding supply chain demand and fulfillment. This allows us to spot the opportunities to both create value and mitigate risk.

In some cases, we helped our clients to run their supply chain departments as part of business transformation programs. We have successfully implemented Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies for many clients including The Hong Kong Jockey Club, HSBC and Adidas

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