Peter Oosterveer

Peter Oosterveer

Dutch nationality, 1957


Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board

IT/Arcadis Way, Legal & Compliance, Internal Audit

Term 2017 – 2025

Other positions:

Executive Committee Member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Peter Oosterveer was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board of Arcadis NV in 2017. He successfully led the company in achieving its 2018 – 2020 strategic goals, strengthening its balance sheet, significantly reducing the voluntary turn over and closing out several legacy issues. Additionally, he led the company to become a frontrunner in using data and digital platforms, and an industry leader in delivering sustainable solutions to client challenges.

At the end of 2020, Peter unveiled Arcadis’ corporate strategy for 2021 – 2023: Maximizing Impact. In it, Arcadis has committed to addressing global megatrends like climate change, urbanization, and evolving societal expectations, by making sustainability the common thread, by preserving and expanding its digital leadership, and by focusing on the global delivery of scalable solutions. This strategy is underpinned by Peter’s conviction that by embedding sustainability into all that Arcadis does, the company can further improve its financial performance, while having an outsized, positive impact on the environment and helping to create resilient communities.

Before joining Arcadis, Peter worked at Fluor Corporation which he joined in 1988 as Controls System Engineer. Peter led Fluor’s global SAP implementation, worked as General Manager for the company in the Netherlands and ultimately became part of Fluor’s Corporate Leadership Team, working in the United States, initially as President of Energy and Chemicals and in 2014 as Chief Operating Officer.

Prior to his career at Fluor, Peter worked for Hoogovens IJmuiden (now Tata Steel) and Alpha Engineering. Peter Oosterveer is also a former Director of the US-China Business Council and a former Director of FMC Technologies.

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