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664 miles

of transmission lines analyzed


individual transmission line clearance discrepancies cleared or remediated


complex, multidisciplinary environmental impact analyses developed

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Rising climate risk challenges reliable electric grids

Southern California is famed for its year-round sunny weather. But in recent years, Californians have experienced hotter and drier summers, driving peak energy demands and leading to historic wildfires across the state.

One of the nation’s largest electric utilities, Southern California Edison (SCE), is eager to lead the charge for modernization. The utility is partnering with our engineering experts to research, redesign and rebuild more than 650 linear miles of transmission and distribution lines to prepare the system for a greener future. However, upgrading a grid that serves more than 15 million people means navigating challenges around climate adaptation, evolving regulations and maintaining service during construction.

Complex grid updates require holistic engineering solutions

Our team is bringing together electrical and structural engineers, environmental experts, GIS specialists, geotechnical engineers and CADD designers to develop holistic grid resilience measures. The coordination is critical with such a large grid – SCE’s coverage areas vary wildly in terms of topography and weather across the 430 cities and communities it serves. There are lines located in remote mountainous terrain that challenge accessibility. Some areas support industrial clients that need to account for a larger and consistent energy supply. Solutions applied, from raising the height of structures to rebuilding entire circuits, require unique combinations of the team’s expertise. Our specialists assist SCE with designing solutions, obtaining permits and mitigating environmental impacts for every upgrade.

Strengthening grid resilience

SCE’s grid modernization strategy is blazing a trail toward a clean energy future in a state reeling from climate change impacts. Using a diverse team of experts from across engineering and environmental disciplines will allow it to maximize long-term reliability for customers and resilience against climate risk.

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